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Mergers & Acquisitions

Our vast experience in the field is utilized to assist clients with all aspects of business transactions including complex litigation. Our mergers and acquisitions practice involves our lawyers in the full range of business transactions.We work alongside business leaders to get the deals done, providing clear commercial solutions to complex legal problems. Specialist expertise available to us allows us to fully service deals when negotiating related matters of taxation, financing and competition law.

All Aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Due Diligence
  • Employment Issues
  • Insurance
  • Document Drafting
  • Regulatory / Licensing
  • Compliance / Government
  • Litigation
  • Sale and Purchase Issues

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate


Why do I need an attorney?
Buying or selling a business is complicated. There are complex business, legal and tax issues, plus a whole new vocabulary of unfamiliar terms to deal with. What's more, for most people, it's a life changing event. With all this in mind, don't you want someone on your side who's an expert and knowledgeable? Your attorney can look out for your interest, ensure that you get a clear title to your new property, as well as help you protect your investment for the future. Legal advice offers you something the average business owner really needs, and usually lacks; knowledge of the subtitles and peculiarities of corporate law and the pitfalls that can trap the unsuspecting business owner.

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What will my attorney do for me?

At a real estate closing today, many buyers go without counsel of their own. Which can mean, in effect, that they are not taking advantage of all of the benefits of legal representation.

Just consider all the ways a real estate attorney can help you. Before the closing, your attorney can explain the following:

  • Your liability if assuming an existing mortgage
  • The effect of any existing mortgage and construction liens
  • Alternative means of financing, including the effect of mortgage prepayment
  • Where and how to file for homestead exemption
  • The sellers liability after sale
  • Post-contract liability for fire and other hazards

As a matter of course, your attorney will also evaluate the legal rights you are purchasing when you buy a home, with special attention to these following questions:

  • Is the property's recorded legal description sufficient?
  • Do the rights include physical access to the property that meets your needs?
  • Will the title be marketable should you decide to sell or re-mortgage the property?

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What services may my attorney provide?

As part of the job of protecting your interest, your attorney will perform a series of important actions as appropriate to your specific transaction, such as:

  • Obtain a title search, evaluate the status of title and require appropriate legal remedies to clear defects
  • Prepare or review the closing statement and other closing documents and inform you about any stipulations that effect your interests
  • Interpret and counsel you about all legal documents related to title and transaction, including deeds, mortgages and closing statements
  • Prepare a bill of sale to cover any personal property such as drapes and appliances that are included in the sale
  • Advise you how the title should be taken and how this affects your overall business and personal estate
  • As required, investigate zoning ordinances and other governmental use restrictions
  • Relate the income, estate and gift tax consequences to your estate
  • Advise you on what the title policy does not protect against, with emphasis on insurability and marketability

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